Ideas that Change Life

Whether we admit it or not, all of us are driven in life by the ideas we cherish in our minds. They control our decion making. They determine the outcome of our relationships. They guide financial disciplines. They shape our personality, and more. Ultimately, our ideas determine who we are in this world, and what may happen to us in eternity to come.

Since this is the case, consideration of those ideas is of paramount importance. Our soul must be willing to step back a bit – as an observer, so to speak – and reevaluate things we hold fast in our minds. Only then can we confidently trust that our ideas about life, about the world around us, and about God and faith will eventually bring us to the life we desire to possess. Are you willing pursue this? I am, and this is what this blog is all about.

How This Works:

  • I’ll get things started by posting some of the ideas that made significant changes in my life. You can comment and start a discussion from these posts. In the right column, just click on a “Category” or “Recent Post” to see what’s already here. The “Archives” gives you a list of all posts.
  • You can also email me with questions or thoughts that come to mind. I’ll do my best to create new entries from those, pulling insights from the Bible, books on history, biographies and philosophy, as well as personal life experiences and discoveries. Once posted, a discussion forum on that entry will be opened.
  • I chose an open forum with opportuity for dialog as that is really the best way for us all to learn something. That said, if anything is posted that’s inappropriate or offensive, it’ll be taken down. Fair?
  • To learn more about me or to contact me directly, just click on the “Contact Me” link on this or any page in the blog. I’m always happy to communicate one-to-one.

If this sounds helpful, then I look forward to the journey with you and seeing how our lives are changed by the ideas presented here.

And a big thank you to my friends in New Hampshire who challenged me to step back into sharing and teaching again. This is a new beginning for me. As a fellowship of Christians, we shared many fruitful years together. I’m so grateful for your faith and encouragement!

– Sanford Kravette

PS: The rotating header pictures are from places that I’ve visited or lived that have been important to me. They’re taken from here in Bethlem, my home town of Cohasset, MA, our ministry years in the Mount Washington Valley of NH, or vacations to Colorado, Virginia, the Outer Banks, Three Graces Farm in Maryland, etc. Soon we’ll be adding pictures from France! We all need those pleasant memories to reflect back on, reminding us how full our lives have truly been…